IB Cold War Notes

Topics: Soviet Union, World War II, Communism Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Causes/Origins of the Cold War (1917-1945)
Ideological differences
1. Political differences
a. USSR - marxist Leninism
i. single party state represents true democracy b/c it ensures that the proletariat (majority) is in power ii. criticizes US for allows minority to override majority by using $$ and manipulation of the media b. US - democratic capitalism

i. multiparty state with meaningful elections
ii. criticizes USSR- restricts rights & competing ideologies

2. Economic differences
a. USSR - command economy
i. no private ownership for anything
ii. took away land w/o compensation because they believed that the bourgeoisie got it from exploitation b. US – capitalist mixed economy
i. Little government involvement
ii. Based on supply and demand
iii. Private business promoted
iv. right of every person to own property

3. Civil Rights
a. USSR- rights are restricted temporarily to get rid of malcontents and the majority i. Civil rights in capitalist nations are a façade
b. US - gov. should protect freedom of speech, religion, press, etc.

4. Religion
a. USSR – atheist
i. religion is the opiate of the masses used to undermine class consciousness b. US – mostly Protestant
i. Despite separation of church and state, religious values are deeply rooted in American political life

Non-ideological factors (Actions)
1. US/Western actions
a. US aid to White Army during Russian Civil War
i. Immediate opposition to and intolerance for Communism
b. US trade embargo
i. Due to Soviet debts
c. Munich Agreement (1938)
i. Form of appeasement – allowed Hitler to take over Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia if he promised not to invade other countries (Hitler testing waters) ii. Stalin felt victimized because Western capitalist powers created an alliance with Hitler – an enormous threat to Russia iii. Stalin felt that any capitalist state was just as bad as fascist Germany 2. USSR actions

a. Comintern
i. to stimulate revolutions in other countries
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