Hrm Assignment on Principle of Learning

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Ques :- Explain how you would apply the principles of learning in developing a lecture, for (1) orientation and (2) training? Ans:- In today’s scenario, business envoirment is changing at a faster rate. A proper training and orientation provide certain benefits to the organization that in turn leads to the positive growth of the organization. These benefits could be high employee satisfaction, Higher production, etc. To fill all these KSA gaps and in return achieve all the benefits some principles of learning are considered :- 1. Practice :-

The principle states that practice help employees in better delivering of knowledge and skills. a. Lecture for Training:-
Employees work faster and efficiently when theory is accompanied with practical knowledge. During the training sessions employees should even get a chance to participate in actual work performance.

2. Motivation :-
The principle states that motivation leads to higher production and high employee satisfaction.

a. Lecture for Training:-

In order to improve employee efficiency, motivation works a lot. A trainee needs to be motivated in order to get maximum output. A trainee must be motivated to improve his skills and knowledge by increased compensation, promotion, incentives, holiday tour, etc.

b. Lecture for Orientation:-

A trainee should be motivated from the very 1st day of orientation as it helps in creating a positive perception about the job role.

3. Feedback:-
The principle states that in order to improve quality and efficiency of work.
a. Lecture for Training:-

In order to understand the potentialities and limits of a trainee the progress of the training should be received time to time. A feedback works as a guidance tour which helps in understanding of things more clearly. It reduces the trails and errors in development and faster the speed of development.

b. Lecture for Orientation:-

During orientation feedback would help...
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