Topics: Decision theory, Decision making, Cognition Pages: 7 (2600 words) Published: March 16, 2014
MGT 212 Organization Behavior & Management

1. Your employees are skilled and experienced customer service representatives who perform non-routine tasks to solve unique customer problems. They provide the distinct competitive advantage for the company through quality, high-touch and responsive service. You are part of the succession planning for the company and will help select your replacement for the next manager/leader for the group. What would be your recommendations to the hiring team and why? (Be sure to consider company strategy, structure of work, and leadership style in your answer.) First, for hiring a leader,he or she should have the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness of organization. There are seven leadership competencies he should have. Emotional intelligence, the leader should have the abilities to perceiving ,understanding and regulating his emotions. Integrity, the leader should easy to be trust ,and understand their work and know how to finish it. Drive , leader should have inner motivation to pursue the goals and show their needs for achievement. Leadership motivation, he need the abilities to have high need or socialized power to accomplish team’s goals. Self-confidence, he should have the strong belief in his ability to lead other members in the team. Intelligence, the leader can analyze the problems and the opportunities of the team and his ability should above average cognitive ability. Knowledge of the business, the leader should familiar with the business environment , because sometimes they need to use their intuitive to make the decisions. At the same time ,I think the leader should be the transformational leaders.The leader should change the organization to fit the environment. There are four elements of transformational leadership.First, create a strategic vision. Transformational leaders should shape a strategic vision of a realistic and attractive future that bonds employees together and focus their energy toward a superordinate organizational goal.Second, communicate the vision, the leaders can communicate meaning and elevate the importance of the visional goal to employee.Third one is modeling the vision,the leader not only talk about a vision, they enact it. Modeling the vision is important because employees and other stakeholders are executive watchers who look for behaviors that symbolize values and expectation. The fourth one is building commitment to the vision.Transforming a vision into reality requires employee commitment. The leader can build this commitment in several ways such like their words,symbols,and stories build a contagious enthusiasm that energizes people to adopt the vision as their own. Leaders demonstrate a can-do attitude by enacting their vision and staying on course. Their persistence and consistency reflect an image of honesty,trust , and integrity. Then hiring a team should think about the structure of the company. The companies’structure include the division of labor and patterns of coordination, communication , workflow, and formal power that direct organizational activities.There are four elements of the structure of the company, Span of control ,centralization, departmentalization and formalization. The team-based structure have these features : the teams organized around work processes, it is very flat hierarchy,few management levels, it is very little formalization and it is usually found within divisionalized structure. And the company structure should follows the strategy of the company. Because the strategy can points to the environments in which the organization will operate. It is very important to the company. Then the leader can make a decision that which structure to apply . The different strategies can provide different products to attract clients who want customization. So ,the team we will hiring should have the above abilities.

2. Perfect Pizzeria is a...
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