Global Warming Revision Sheet

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Exam details

5 minutes reading time

Section One – Global Warming - working time 50 minutes
Section Two – Human Wellbeing - working time 50 minutes

Criteria Assessed – A (knowledge and Understanding) and C(Thinking Critically)

Geography Revision

10. Explain and illustrate the enhanced greenhouse effect, show how human activities contribute to Global Warming and Climate Change.

11. List human activities that contribute to Climate Change, list as many as you can.









12. List and explain the effects of climate change;

i. On Native Ecosystems



j. On Australian Agriculture


k. For Natural Hazards in Australia
v. From the Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 degrees South to the equator 0 degrees is Australia’s Cyclone Belt. vi. Towns in this region that a located near the coast will experience more cyclones or more destructive cyclones due to climate change. vii. Using an atlas to help you colour in Australia’s cyclone belt on the map below.

viii. Other natural hazards could be :

13. Identify alternative green energy sources.

14. Wind energy is an alternative green energy source. For wind farms (wind mills) to generate enough energy they must be placed / built in the right location. Many wind farms are now being built offshore in the ocean. The ocean is a great place for a wind farm as it is often windy. It is located away from towns to eliminate any noise from the turbines, and it does not result in land use conflict. Placing the wind mills out in the ocean also keeps the wind farm out of site – it does not ruin the view of the...
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