Geography 200 Exam 1 Study Guide

Topics: United States, European Union, Russia Pages: 3 (412 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Geog 200 Exam 1 Study Guide:

Vocabulary: be able to define and give examples of these key terms geography
state socialism
command economies
supranational organization
import substitution
gross domestic product (GDP)
Human development index (HDI)
Cold War
spatial turn
global climate change / global warming
Examine key concepts:
Uneven development:
different theories of development
modernization theory
dependency theory – with examples of core and periphery countries neoliberalism – structural adjustment policies, typical requirements and results, places where it's been implemented development organizations

World Bank, IMF and WTO
sectors of the economy - be able to give examples of what types of jobs and what effects for countries in the international division of labor deindustrialization – where is it happening? Why? What are the effects? physical geography processes

plate tectonics – general understanding of process and effects on places earth sun relationships & climate: 5 atmospheric processes that effect weather El Nino
globalization: specific causes, effects, examples
international division of labor
how societies deal with difference: multiculturalism, assimilation space, place, and spatiality
how are urban spaces typically organized in Latin America, Europe, former Soviet Union? understand different scales of analysis available and what benefits and burdens they provide: local, national, global be familiar with maps as representations of space and important map features (e.g. legend, scale, orientation), how are maps a social contruction?

Region specific points:
Understand the triangle of trade between Europe, Africa, Americas – what regions were involves, what resources flowed where, and what were some of the lasting effects? What are some of the factors that led...
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