Ethics and morality

Topics: Ethics, Human, Conscience Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: November 25, 2013
1. Experience of Contrast
The experience of Contrast reflects in the reading “Cruel life of Children” because we feel outraged by what is happening to the children in the story. Even though it is true, we are reading it trying to convince ourselves that what we are reading is not 100 percent true due to the fact that such actions are cruel. As a human it is our responsibility to feel responsible for the problems, and suffering that these children are going through during this story because it is a natural reaction. “Yet they’re children as young as 4 and 5, tossed onto the scrap heap of street life to fend for themselves, chased by predators and running away from police.” This is only one example of contrast during the story, and it is a strong example because it is hard to imagine this image in our head, but yet we know that it is actually happening, making us feel responsible, but yet feel so useless because we are not able to help them. When we read the article we feel like it is unjust and unfair to those kids that have to suffer by living on the street and selling themselves for money. When we read the article it is unjust to the fact of how things “ought” to be compared to how humans should really live. To sum it up, in “contrast” to how we expect fellow humans to live would to help the children that are being thrown out on the streets, or even to not through them out in the first place and love them no matter what. 2. Experience of the Other

Throughout the documentary “Too young to Wed” by National Geographic we come face to face with a lot of young girls that have to face marriage at a young age. When we watch the documentary, we think of the possible ways that a person could help, or even how the people watching or by-standers are watching the wedding must feel if they do not agree with the customs that they are witnessing. An example of experience of the other would be the female police officer that worked in the police force for 20 years, and...
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