Environmental Causes

Topics: Pollution, Energy development, Electricity generation Pages: 3 (636 words) Published: December 7, 2013
Air Quality:
Air pollution – contamination of the environment by any chemical, physical or biological agent Mostly affected by transportation – pollution result from incomplete combustion of fuel How to know how air pollution is affecting people? From hospitals… X% of respiratory diseases affected from air pollution. This percentage is standard given from US research but has correction factors Causes of Air pollution:

1. Natural Sources:
a. Forest fires
b. Dust storms
c. Climate conditions
2. Antropogenic Sources:
I. Economic:
A. Transport (public/private cars, military cars, aircrafts boats) B. Energy (power plants, private generators, gas stations)
C. Industry (manufacturing processes)
D. Other economic activities (agriculture, construction/quarries) II. Oher Sources:
A. Accidental fires
B. Fireworks
C. Burning tires
D. Wars
E. Open dumping/burning
Car fleet in Leb estimated to 1.2 million.. 1 vehicle for every 4 people 15% annual increase in vehicle registration. Many vehicles operate illegally (no license) Energy industries: one of largest contributor to air pollution in Lebanon Stacks/chimney not equipped with effective treatment units (largest producer of CO2 emissions) 4033 large industries, around 20000 industrial establishments in Lebanon overall 50% of industries in Lebanon not licensed

Large industries generate combustion and process emissions. Zouk Mikael/Zouk Mosbeh most polluting industries Most critical industries: cement industry and phospho-gypsum industry. (5 cement plants in Leb) Two monitoring networks in Beirut (USJ and AUB) also (tripoli and balamand uni in north) Stationary network – continuously collecting data/Mobile network- collect when you want Ambient standards – allowed concentration of CO2 in air

Emission standards – requirement that set specific limit to amount of pollution Methyl Bromine part of Vienna Convention for protection of Ozone Layer CFC also bad for ozone layer
Health care waste, PCBs are persistent...
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