Course Outline- Principles of Accounting

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Education Pages: 6 (659 words) Published: June 5, 2012

American International University-Bangladesh

Summer 2007

Principles of Accounting (Section B)
For CS, CSE, COE, EEE Students

Course Outline

|Course Teacher : |Shamarukh Aziz Bhuiyan (Angela) | | | | |Credit: |3 Credit Hours | |Class Hours: |MW 10:00-12:00 | | |Room no.: 254 | |Contacting the course instructor: | | | |The course instructor will be available during class hours to discuss any difficulties with the course. | | | |Remember, it is your responsibility to approach the teacher if you are experiencing any difficulties with the course. Contact the teacher sooner | |rather than later if you are anxious about the course or in any difficulty. | | | |Contact: E-mail: | | | |Course Objectives: | | | |This is a basic course of Accounting. The purpose of the course is to communicate an understanding of accounting information to students of any | |discipline as an element of the decision making process in any professional career. This course explains how accounting information is | |accumulated and how much information could be used in the decision making process. | | | | | | | |Course Outcomes: | | | |By the end of the semester students should have a sound base in accounting and different concepts regarding the subjects should be clear to them.| |It is expected that the students will be able to generate as well as understand and analyze accounting reports. | |...
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