Collaborative Learning Community

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Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)
* It is a philosophy as well as a place; it is a way of being as well as a working model. It is a mindset as well as a map. Foundation: Collaboration - working together for common goals, partnership, shared leadership, co-evolving and co-learning - rather than competition and power given to only a few. Focus: Learning - learning where students are actively demonstrating their understanding, rather than students passing written tests as the sole sign of knowing. Learning, based on conceptual understanding and the ability to apply this knowledge in a variety of contexts, is a primary goal within a collaborative learning community. * It is a new way of thinking for most educators (and the public) to know that all students can and will learn, that learning needs to be demonstrated, that it is important to learn not only facts, but also conceptual relationships of ideas and the processes and positive attitudes of learning.

(Outcome of CLC) Putting the focus on student learning, rather than teacher telling or "covering the content", means: * students take responsibility for their own learning
* learning experiences are geared to students' interests and needs * students are actively engaged in learning in a variety of groups and contexts * learning is understood, applied and internalized.

Happens at: Community - a creation of unity through appreciating and celebrating diversity.

* In addition, the school reflects the population and background of the larger community; therefore, collaborative learning communities help students learn the attitudes, knowledge and skills that benefit all in the community and community members become partners in facilitating and expanding the learning process.

Characteristics of Community

* Sense of Shared Purpose
* Respect for Differences
* Agreement on Core Values
* Acceptance
* Participation
* Trust
* Communication
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