Codificatio vs Personalization

Topics: Reuse, Recycling, Knowledge Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Codification : Knowledge is codified and stored in databases where it can be accessed and re-use over and over again by an organisation. Advantages of codifications :
1. Protect the loss of knowledge associated with the exit of employees because such knowledge is taken from individuals and codified for general organisation use. 2. Explicit knowledge can be reused and approach easily.

3. A large amount of knowledge can be stored and accessed.
4. Easy to understand and make use of.
5. Provide high quality, reliable, and fast information-system implementation by reusing codified knowledge. Disadvantages of codification :
1. The fact that knowledge is codified, however, makes organization “externally vulnerablel” because codified knowledge can easily be leaked out of the organization. 2. It is costly because codification strategy based heavily on information and computer technology. 3. Usability : Some users are not capable enough to use automated tools to get required information. 4. The reuse of knowledge which is applicable to many projects hinders the quality of the outcome of a performed task. 5. Requires a highly IT literate workforce.

Personalizations : Knowledge is closely tied to the person who developed it and is shared mainly through person to person contact. Advantages of personalization :
1. Highly customized solution.
2. Moderate investment in IT.
3. Workers does not need to be highly IT literate but should possess skills in dealing with ambiguity nad problem solving. 4. One to one monitoring.
5. Provide creative, analytically rigorous advice on high level strategic problems by channe lling individual expertise. Disadvantages of Personalization :
1. Higher chance of ambiguity occurance.
2. Difficult to be communicated and understood due to different level of experience each possesses. 3. High use of facilities needed (conference room etc )
4. Time consuming.
5. Inability to store knowledge beyond the minds of...
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