Chapter 1-2 homework

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Religion Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: June 18, 2014
Chapter 1:
1. What is Socrates definition of morality/ethics? “how we ought to live.” 2. Where do professional ethicists work? At universities, hospitals, and law schools 3. What are three arguments given concerning whether to use baby Theresa’s organs? a. Transplanting the organs would benefit the other children without harming Baby Theresa. b. It is wrong to use people as means to other people’s ends. c. It is wrong to kill one person to save another

4. Generally speaking, an argument is sound if its assumptions are true and the conclusion follows logically from them. 5. When people are unable to make decisions for themselves, and others must do it for them, there are two reasonable guidelines that might be adopted. a. First what would be in their own best interests?

b. The second guideline…If she could tell us what she wants, what would she say? 6. What two arguments are given to help decide whether to separate the twins? a. We should save as many as we can
b. Sanctity of Human Life

7. What two arguments are given in the case of Tracy Latimer? a. Wrongness of discrimination against the handicapped
b. Slippery slope

8. What can we learn from all this about the nature of morality? a. First, moral judgments must be backed by good reasons.
b. Second, morality requires the impartial consideration of each individual’s interests. 9. Thus, if we want to discover the truth, we must let our feelings be guided as much as possible by reason. This is the essence of morality. 10. The first thing is to get one’s facts straight

11. Next we can bring moral principles into play
12. The conscientious moral agent is someone who is:
a. Concerned impartially with the interests of everyone affected by what he or she does. b. Who carefully sifts facts and examines their implications. c. Who accepts principles of conduct only after scrutinizing them to make sure they are justified. d. Who is willing to “listen to reason” even when it means revisiting prior...
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