Business Ethics Chpt1

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The Nature of Morality

Lesson Objectives
 Introduction: What is ethics?

What is Ethics?

 Ethics is a study of how we conduct ourselves morally in ____________________________ so that the ________________________________.

 “Ethics is a study of morality and the application of __________ to elucidate specific _______________ that determine right and wrong” (Crane & Matten 2010, p. 8).


What is Ethics?

 “Ethics is a systematic attempt to make sense of our individual and social moral experience, in such a way as to determine the rules that ought to govern human conduct, the values worth pursuing, and the character traits deserving development in life” (DeGeorge 2010, p. 13).


What is Ethics?

Some questions of interests in ethics ….
 Individual character  Moral rules that govern us  Questions of right and wrong  Fairness and unfairness  Good and bad  Justice and injustice  Moral responsibility 6

Lesson Objectives

 Introduction: What is ethics?

How do we know that a conduct, act, behavior is ethical?

Moral Standards
 There are standards … in fashion, in grammar, in food, in movies, … etc.  Standards allow us to evaluate whether something is “good” or “bad”.  How do we know whether our conduct, act, behaviour is ethical (morally right) / unethical (immoral)?

A ethical question / moral question needs to be evaluated using _________________ 8

Moral Standards

 Moral standards differ from other kinds of standards because they concern behaviour that is of serious consequence to human welfare. 9

Moral Standards

 Other characteristics:
a) ____________________ standards, including self interest b) Not established / changed by authoritative bodies BUT based on ________________________________ c) Moral standards are based on __________________ considerations (Rachels, cited in Velasquez, M. G. 2012, p. 12); everyone’s interests are equally important


Moral Reasoning

 Is the conduct, act, behavior ethical / unethical?  YOU NEED MORAL STANDARDS ….

You will have to go through a MORAL _____________ process to make a

MORAL _____________

Moral Judgements

 Moral judgements should be logically reasoned; not ____________________________.  Be ______________.  Be based on ___________.  Be based on moral standards which are compared against our “considered moral beliefs”.


Lesson Objectives

 Introduction: What is ethics?  How do we know that a conduct, act, behavior is ethical / unethical?

Differentiating morality from etiquette, law and religion

Morality and Law


Can we rely solely on law to determine (justify) whether a conduct, act or behaviour is ethical?


Morality and Law

 An action can be

illegal but morally right  An action that is legal can be morally wrong


Morality and Law

Can we rely solely on law to determine (justify) whether a conduct is ethical? Not ideal because the law ….  May take time to be established  Can be changed


Morality and Religion
 Religions do provide certain moral instructions.  Variations of the Golden Rule ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ … can be found in major religions of the world. No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. (Islam)


Morality and Religion

 Can we rely solely on religion to determine (justify) whether a conduct is ethical? ANSWER: No  Religious principles are accepted _________________ ; moral principles ____________ ___________________________ __________. 18

Morality and Religion

 Atheists – need not make a moral judgement, need not be ethical?  Moral instructions of the great religions are general and imprecise.  Divine command theory


Lesson Objectives

 Introduction: What is ethics?  How do we know that a conduct,...
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