Books or Experiences

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It is not easy to compare the differences and similarities of the two: knowledge from books and knowledge from experiences. Indeed, books really help us or provide us ideas about meanings, facts, and concepts of peculiar things but we cannot count exactly on the books, we also need to be practical. All we need are experiences that really teach us how to do and practice well.

The books are considered as one of the major things on which we’ll learn, but the learning’s from books are definitely limited. Person who shares his/her experiences through books is so called an author. An author can be a friend of yours, not literally speaking but with the way he/she shares his/her different thoughts and ideas, you as a reader can easily adapt the way he/she thinks. Books can be a valuable source of knowledge. Reading books really help you to gain new knowledge and insights about the surrounding you’re belonging. If you read now and only today and you think you’re knowledgeable enough you’re wrong. Continuous readings of NEW BOOKS are important because facts do really change.

On the other hand, experiences are both good and bad but both help you to live more educated and productive. For example, as you’re searching for a good and permanent job it is always advisable or required that you undergo already an on-the-job-training program. It is easier for you to be hired because they know that you already have an experience about the job, and the knowledge you had about it is enough for you to perform well and fit the position enough. We all know that knowledge or the intelligence today is at only a second priority of a company or an employer.

There are many instances in life that you don’t need to consult the books, but you can just simply look or seek an advice from someone who had his/her own experience about the situation. For example, if you are facing a financial problem you can just simply ask an advice from elders because they know more about earning...
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