Topics: Morality, Pregnancy, Addiction Pages: 4 (1019 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Problems of Bioethics
Prepared by Group 8 of Gen. Ethics TTh 7-8:30am
Personal Health Responsibility
* Involves active participation in one’s own health and healing plan through education and lifestyle changes. Crimes Against Human Life
1. Suicide
* Derived from the Latin word “suicide”, combining the pronoun for “self” and the verb for “to kill”. * In essence, an act of a human being intentionally causing his or her own death. * It is committed for many reasons including despair, alcoholism, schizophrenia, and drug abuse. Financial difficulties, interpersonal relationships and undesirable experiences play an important role too. * Methods of suicide vary among countries. It may consist of hanging, pesticide poisoning, use of firearms, blunt force trauma, exsanguinations, intentional drowning, electrocution, immolation and intentional starvation among others. Suicide and Morality

* Suicide’s morality is relative to the culture and religion which the individual belongs to. * The Japanese have their “Hara-kiri”, which is a ritualistic suicide performed in order to save honour. In WWII, they took it a step further with their “Kamikaze”. * The Islam religion also had their concept on self-inflicted death, i.e. suicide bombing, wherein they would take their own lives for the greater glory of Allah and his people. * However, suicide can never be moral under Catholic teachings. * It is a direct violation of the Ten Commandments. It represents the rejection of God’s absolute sovereignty over life and death. 2. Sterilization

* Refers to the procedure performed to stop fertility permanently, in either male or female. * Sterilization is done through operation: For women the process is called “tubal ligation” while for the men, it is called “vasectomy’. Sterilization and Morality

* Sterilization is a direct disregard of the Church’s teachings regarding married life and bearing children under God’s name. * Direct sterilization,...
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