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I conduct my On-the-job-training at The Theodore Hotel in Tagaytay City, I started my OJT March 29, 2013 and ended May 7, 2013. As I start my OJT I am assigned to the task that we are suited on the Housekeeping, and sometimes on cleaning the outside and public area of the hotel. On this training I experience a lot and learn new things, like how to socialize to other personnel of the hotel and to enjoy the task that I have. I learn that time is very important in this training because it will control all your works and task. In this training being attentive and good listener is the key to have a good performance most important is to cooperate with other and have a positive relationship with other.

As what I learn in my training I think, I need to improve my personality for me to enhance my experience in this OJT, because I’m lock of confident to make some task, but as far as I know I do what is needed to make my training successful. Now, I know what are the things that I need to improve and to manage well so that in the future career that I will have I can use this as one of my key to be successful. OJT is very important to all students because it give us more knowledge and experience that relates on our course. I believe that experience is the best way of learning.
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