Topics: Morality, Ethics, Religion Pages: 4 (1037 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Religion and Media
Forms of media that affect our life
What influence do these forms of media actually have over us? (family life, lifestyle, alcohol, role models, music, the occult, astrology etc) What does the textbook mean by a ‘religious figure’?
When are religious figures depicted or represented in the media? How does the media present Christianity as a religion? (Richard Dawkins, Derren Brown, Stephen Fry, others?) Films about the Bible
Books about religious themes
Does it matter what Jesus is portrayed to look like?
What is freedom of speech?
What is censorship? Pros and cons
Sex and violence in fictional media and in news media
Pornography, the internet, smartphones and children, sexual attitudes. “He who would burn books would burn people” – religious and anti-religious book burning. Implications. Why burning? The reformation and religion in your own language


Censorship means to control what is said or written. It includes removing offensive, harmful, inappropriate or sensitive material. Many people believe censorship is important because it gives a level of protection to the public. On terrestrial television, programmes aired before the 9pm watershed must be suitable for both adults and children. Sometimes the state restricts what it’s citizens can access. For example, China is currently drawing up plans to control internet content that passes their borders. Sometimes media gives information to the public in a bias or negative way.

Christian attitudes
Most Christians think censorship is a good thing on the whole. It helps uphold high moral standards e.g. restricts access to pornography and bad language. It also can restrict people sharing prejudice against others. “But I tell you, do not swear at all.”

[Matthew 5:34]
Terrestrial channels are the channels that are available without cable/satellite or freeview. Morality
In short, morality is about right and wrong
Moral decisions have the power to...
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