Ap Government Midterm Study Gide

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AP Comparative Government Midterm Study Guide

1. What is the Beveridge Report?
Published in 1940's; set the stage for the British welfare state

2. What was the Constitutional Reform Movement?
Movement in UK that called for greater separation of powers, especially in House of Lords

3. What is question hour?
Occurs when MPs ask questions of gov't ministers which they are obliged to answer.

4. What British political party, founded in 1689, that was the opposition party to the Whigs and has been known as the Conservative Party since about 1832?

5. What is class voting?
Tendency of a given social class to vote for a party that promotes its economic interest

6. What is Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition?
Led by leader of Opposition, usually the party with second-largest number of seats in Commons

7. What British political party, founded in 1689, that was the opposition party to the Whigs and has been known as the Conservative Party since about 1832?

8. What is gradualism?
Government was created in gradual state

9. What is legitimacy?
The degree to which people accept and endorse their regime.

10. What is a belief that you can take part in politics that the government will respond to the citizenry?
Political efficacy

11. What is devolution?
Delegation of authority (central to regional)
12. What office in the government of Great Britain is not limited to serve any certain number of years?
House of Lords

13. What is the Commonwealth?
Political community found for the common good

14. What does the United Kingdom consist of?
Great Britain and Northern Ireland

15. What does Great Britain consist of?
Scotland, England, and Wales

16. What is the European Union?
Member states voluntarily cede nat'l sovereignty to carry out common policies and governance. World's largest and most open market for good and commodities from
developing countries.

17. What is euroskepticism?
Opposition to policies of multinational European organizations and/or opposition to UK
membership in such bodies

18. What is eurocentrism?
Practice of viewing the world from a European perspective and bias

19. Which political party in Great Britain consists of conservative, moderate, and liberal members?

20. What party came into prominence in the late 1600s? Since WWII, they have been the majority government during most of that particular period?

21. What political party believes in an efficient economic organization, allowing the marketplace to run itself, but also emphasize the ideas of social discipline, authority, family values, and continuity?


22. What political party's purpose was to build up the welfare state and create national health care system, subsidized education system?

23. What political movement ultimately culminated in the 2005 Constitutional Reform Act?
Constitutional Reform Movement

24. Who is a vote of no confidence use to remove?
Prime Minister

25. What is a wide thoroughfare in London, England, running north and south between Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament?

26. What is a Member of Parliament who does not hold governmental office or shadow government office known as?

27. What are the White Papers?
Used by Great Britain to control Jewish immigration to Palestine

28. What is the Whitehall?
Chief residence of the court of London

29. What is common law?
Part of English law that is derived from custom & judicial precedent rather than statuses

30. What is collective responsibility?
Responsibility of every member of a group w/o regard to an individual member's participation in decision making and his or her position or rank

31. What does first past the post mean?
Candidate who receives the most votes when

32. What body introduces non-controversial legislation/revises bills and is primarily a platform for...
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