Topics: Learning, Magic, Skill Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Mula sa bayang Hannaga
–Bida; nagsikap na matapos ang alitan ng kanyang ama at ni Pangaiwan •Amtalao/Iken
–Ama ni Aliguyon; mayroong kaaway mula sa Daligdigan
–Ina ni Aliguyon
–Bunsong kapatid ni Aliguyon
Mula sa Bayang Daligdigan
–Kaaway ni Amtalao; ama ni Pumbakhayon
–Nakipaglaban kay Aliguyon upang matapos na ang alitan ng kanilang mga ama •Dangunay
–Ina ni Pumbakhayon
–Bunsong kapatid ni Pumbakhayon na naging asawa ni Aliguyon Mula sa Bayang Mumbuluwan
–Napag-usapang bayaw ni Pumbakhayon
–Ama ni Daulayan
–Ina ni Daulayan

In the mountainous regions of Northern Luzon, a hudhud is a long tale sung during special occasions. This particular long tale is sung during harvest. A favorite topic of the hudhud is a folk hero named Aliguyon, a brave warrior. 

Once upon a time, in a village called Hannanga, a boy was born to the couple named Amtalao and Dumulao. He was called Aliguyon. He was an intelligent, eager young man who wanted to learn many things, and indeed, he learned many useful things, from the stories and teachings of his father. He learned how to fight well and chant a few magic spells. Even as a child, he was a leader, for the other children of his village looked up to him with awe. 

Upon leaving childhood, Aliguyon betook himself to gather forces to fight against his father's enemy, who was Pangaiwan of the village of Daligdigan. But his challenge was not answered personally by Pangaiwan. Instead, he faced Pangaiwan's fierce son, Pumbakhayon. Pumbakhayon was just as skilled in the arts of war and magic as Aliguyon. The two of them battled each other for three years, and neither of them showed signs of defeat. 

Their battle was a tedious one, and it has been said that they both used only one spear! Aliguyon had thrown a spear to his opponent at the start of their match, but the fair Pumbakhayon had caught it deftly with one hand....
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